Stevens Appliance Truck Products
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----------------- Attachments and Extensions ------------------

Model VA-8

Vending Attachment. The two curved cradle arms attach to truck frame in seconds with minimal effort. No tools are required. Its curved design and special footplate extension support the round fronts of the new vending machines safely and keep the rounded front from touching the back of the footplate.


- VA-8 fits Model SRT M 60, SRT M 66, and SRT M 72 with 8" wheels


- Weighs 26 pounds

Model BWA-M

Make it easier on yourself. You can easily convert your standard Escort Appliance Truck to a 10" wheel with the Escort Big Wheel attachment. A 6"x 5/8" turn buckle attaches and removes the wheels easily. Otherwise difficult tasks, like running over sand and gravel, become easy with the 10" Big Wheel Attachment. It also turns your appliance truck into a 4 wheel truck which enables the load to be supported entirely by the truck instead of by the operator.


- Pneumatic 10" tires


- Weighs 15 pounds

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